A Goalkeeper Gives Up Football For WWE, And This Is What He Looks Like Now

Now this is some career move! The signs were always there. Germany's Tim Wiese had an unusually tall and bulky frame for a football goalkeeper.


At times during his stint with Bundesliga club Weder Bremen, the 6'4 Wiese's muscular body seemed to be bursting out of his jersey.

Still, no one had suspected that he would beef up his body some more and have a go at professional wrestling after quitting football. But now that he has made his first WWE appearance and looks set to sign a contract with the pro wrestling promotion, let's analyze this man-mountain's amazing body transformation.

In 2010, when Wiese was on the books of Werder Bremen, he looked something like this:


He was a pretty decent goalie in his prime – quite agile for his size.


Even up until last year, he hadn't started ballooning, as evident here:


Frustrated by his poor form and subsequent fan criticism, he found solace in gym. By January 2014, he had turned into this unrecognizable person:


Away from the public view and football field, Wiese spent his time doing this:


The flowing hair, the tats and the muscular body – Wiese checked all the boxes needed for a career in WWE. And that moment finally arrived last week when he distracted the duo of Goldust and Stardust at a WWE special event in Frankfurt, and allowed the Usos to benefit from it.


He wanted to show them what he can do but was kept out from the ring by security as he is still technically a Hoffenheim employee. He did get a chance to gloat and flex his muscles once the match was over:

He even did a bit of dance with the Usos:

As they say, it's never too late to be what you might have been.

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