Goat's Head Sent To Chicago Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts

Tom Ricketts probably gets a lot of mean stuff in the mail, but nothing could have prepared him for the goat's head.

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts received a mysterious goat's head in the mail.In a gesture that no one's quite sure how to interpret, a goat's head was sent to Tom Ricketts, owner of the Chicago Cubs. The head arrived without a note, and it invokes at least two ominous omens. The first is the horse head in the bed, made famous by the Godfather movies. I never understood why those guys didn't just grab whatever they could, withdraw what they could from their bank account, and fly off to some island where they could change their name and bartend instead of certain death within the next twenty minutes of the movie.

So there's that, and there's the Cubs curse. Baseball teams can't just not win a World Series for more than a century due to bad luck and bad management, there has to be a curse involved. The Cubs, who last won a world series in 1908, were allegedly cursed by a restaurant owner and his goat in 1945. The story goes that Billy Sianis brought his goat to a Cubs game, was asked to leave, and, proving that you should be careful not to anger goat owners, swore that the Cubs would never win a World Series again.
So far, the goat curse has held up. The Cubs are also in a contentious dispute with the Chicago over renovations to Wrigley field and plans for more Cubs night games (the Cubs play a lot of day games). Could any of that be related to the goat's head? Sure! Could the goat's head be more random, and without an easily defined reason? Also sure!
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke with the gravity of a public official on the matter: "There's nothing else to say, it speaks for itself, it's wrong to do," Emanuel told reporters.
I have to disagree with Mayor Emanuel on this one. The goat head does not speak for itself. I, for one, want to hear what the sender of the goat head has to say, but if he or she wanted us to know that, they would have left a note.

While the goat's head will likely be a passing incident, perhaps Tom Ricketts will be subtly affected the next time he has to decide if he wants to spend big on a free agent. How much extra would you pay to keep animal heads out of your mail?

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