Stephen Curry Masterminds The Most Embarrassing Play Of Chris Paul's Career

Close your eyes if you're a die-hard Chris Paul fan. This isn't pretty.

stephen curry chris paul

Stephen Curry has done a lot of nasty things to a lot of decent guards in the NBA this season, but this one here takes the cake.

On Tuesday night, the Golden State Warriors three-machine came face to face with the Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul – one of the best lockdown defenders in the game.

As usual, Paul was mirroring Curry's every move, not allowing him an inch of freedom. This is when Curry pulled off an incredible double behind-the-back dribble that bamboozled his man.

Paul completely misread Curry's maneuver and went down in the most embarrassing fashion. Meanwhile, Curry, now with tons of space, knocked down his trademark jumper for an easy two-pointer.

Granted that as far as point guards go, this is Curry's year, but you don't expect him to annihilate a high IQ guard and perennial all-star like Paul.

Check out the full video of this embarrassing ankle breaker:

If you think the Internet's jokesters wouldn't give Paul's moment of infamy their standard treatment, you're so naive. Rumor is, Paul's fall is being likened to breakdancing moves or capoeira kicks.

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