Steph Curry Makes His Closing Argument For MVP By Shattering His Own 3s Record

If he continues like this, Curry might be the first to a triple century of 3s.

stephen curry

We will soon have to remove the word "arguably" when describing Stephen Curry as the greatest three-point shooter in the history of NBA.

The Golden State Warriors point guard on Thursday night bested his own record of 272 three-pointers in a single season. The moment came in the second quarter of an eventual 116-105 win over the Portland Trail Blazers. His silky smooth shot from range got him his 273rd three of the season, and by the end of the night, his personal count had gone up to 276.

All in all, he scored 45 points off of a 17/23 shooting night, which also included eight 3s from just 13 attempts. The Splash Brother also had 10 assists to go with his usual barrage of outside shooting, but it got completely overshadowed. That's because while his performance was outstanding, the fans were more interested in witnessing the best shooter the game has ever seen go to work.

Those who think it is still early to brand Curry a better shooter than NBA's all-time three-point leader Ray Allen should know that the former Celtic only had one season of 250+ 3s in his 19-year career. This is Curry's sixth season and he already has three 250+ made 3s seasons. His tally for the current season stands at 276, and if he shoots the way he shot against the Trail Blazers, a triple century could be on.

Basketball purists hesitate to praise young guys in comparison with established legends. But despite being just 27, Curry has done enough to prove he is already the best downtown shooter to ever lace up. He is two inches smaller than Allen, and being a PG, the bulk of creativity also falls on his shoulders. He still manages to be a 44 percent career shooter from range as compared to Allen's 40 percent.

This here is your MVP.

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