Golfer Kills Seagull With A Horrendous Tee Shot

Birds better flee the scene when this guy walks the fairway with a club in his hands.

If you understand golf you'd know that hole scores in this sport are named after birds. Condor, albatross, eagle, birdie, bogey – these are all birds as well as golf terminologies.

So when a golfer hits a shot, he gets one of these aforementioned scores. But in a new YouTube video, a golfer has demonstrated a whole new type of scoring. Let's name it seagull because it actually involves hitting a seagull, or (more accurately) killing a seagull.

The unfortunate incident happened in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where an unidentified golfer can be seen teeing off. His shot is woefully bad and it heads straight toward a seagull, which takes the hit and likely dies.

The bird killer turns away from the camera and shouts in agony as his victim takes its last few breaths. Maybe if you're so bad that your tees take lives then you shouldn't play the game at all.

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