Rapping Grandpa Tries To Convince LeBron That Cleveland Is The Place to Be At

May, 28, 2014: This proves that King James' The Decision shenanigans are long forgotten in Cleveland.

Despite the mess that LeBron James caused in Cleveland with The Decision fiasco, it seems Cavaliers fans still want him back. Most of the Cavs fans don't confess that wish out loud, but an aspiring rapper named Grandpa M has gone public with his desire to see the King back at the Quicken Loans Arena.

The Miami Heat superstar could opt to become a free agent this summer, and if that happens there will be no shortage of takers for him. The way Bron left Cleveland in 2010 hurt many people, but they are still expected to be one of the frontrunners if he decides to part ways with an aging Dwyane Wade and increasingly average Chris Bosh.

For fans, it is never easy to publicly admit that they want the return of a player who had ditched them for another franchise. Someone had to swallow their pride and come out with an open invitation, and thanks to the rapping grandpa in the video above, that problem has been solved.

The senior citizen begins his act by imitating LeBron's famous pre-game powder toss before the beat kicks in and he showcases his MC-ing skills. Sure, his lyrics could use a little more polishing but his message is crystal clear:

"Hey LeBron, we want you back/ it ain't no smack/ and those who don't/ want behind on crack."

In another verse, he elaborated further, saying: "Hey LeBron, come back to Cleveland, and do your thing/ bring the Cavs, a Championship ring."

Grandpa M's rap attire and his message both are worth a watch. Check them out.

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