Why Are Harvard Women Writing All Over Each Other?

This is the one time writing on your friend with Sharpies is a great idea.

We've all heard those horror stories of college women subjected to humiliation at the hands of "sisters" circling their body flaws and writing on them. 

The Harvard women's rugby team turned that around by wielding a Sharpie for good. 

The teammates created a photo project to celebrate what their bodies and spirits can accomplish on and off the pitch. In Rugged Grace, on Tumblr, the women write what they appreciate about their teammates on their bodies.

So instead of circling an imperfection, they got messages like "powerful," "disciplined," and "battle tested."

"Rugby is so much about physically throwing your body on the line for your teammates during games and training, and that intense appreciation, love, trust, and support for each other is what we wanted to reflect," Rugged Grace reads. "The sport necessitates a strength that we find beautiful and powerful."

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