This Boxing Champ Likes To Have A Little Wordplay Fun With His “Fans”

Deontay Wilder has both brawn and brains. He often tricks his opponents in the ring, but this time around Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder made a fool out of his own fans on social media.

Heavyweight boxer Wilder recently promised that he would post a video of him fighting a fan if his Facebook fan page crosses 5,000 likes.

Well, the Internet is full of crazy, twisted people who naturally got excited at the opportunity of seeing an untrained normal person step into the ring with a 6’7 man-mountain.

Wilder’s page got the 5K likes in no time, and so earlier today, he made good on his promise – well, technically.

The current WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight champion posted a YouTube video of him fighting a FAN.

Check it out down below to know more:

thank you to all my fans

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