Here’s The World Cup Player Pronunciation Guide You’ve Been Looking For

There’s much a-do about the World Cup. However with so many nations playing it is sometimes hard to pronounce all the players names. Here’s a guide to help you out!

Here are some of the player’s names that most of us have been having trouble pronouncing:
World Cup 2014

 World Cup 2014


 World Cup 2014

 World Cup 2014

 World Cup 2014

 World Cup 2014

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 World Cup 2014

 World Cup 2014

The list can go on, but we certainly have an idea how to go about de-ciphering all the names we can’t stop stuttering over.

Brilliant isn’t it?

The World Cup 2014 has been brilliant on more scales than one already. Here are some amazing facts to wrap your head around.

It’s the 2nd time Brazil will host a world cup making it the 5th country to host a world cup for the 2nd time. Interestingly it is also the first time two consecutive World Cups have not been hosted in Europe.

This is also the first World Cup where drones are being used.

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The Brazil 2014 World Cup is also officially the most expensive world cup ever, due to the massive amount of preparations, construction work and technology used including the drones and goal-line technology.

In terms of the matches themselves, Germany scored the most ever goals by one team in the first half at the World Cup (5-0 against Brazil) in the semifinals. Germany's eventual seven goals in the match were also the most ever scored in a World Cup semifinal. Needless to say Brazil suffered a crushing defeat.

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During the same game Striker Miroslav Klose scored his 16th career World Cup goal, making him the leading World Cup scorer of all time breaking Brazil's Ronaldo’s record of 15.

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