High School Basketball Coach Suspended After Yet Another Dominating Win

A high school basketball coach is suspended after a display of 'poor sportsmanship' after his girls dominated another team.

Michael Anderson, a high school girls' basketball coach in California, will be suspended for two games following an embarrassingly, crushing win against the opposing team, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Even professional sports have seen suspensions and firings after accruing multiple losses, but in this case, a coach is facing consequences for letting his team completely dominate their opponent.

The Arroyo Valley High girl's basketball team beat Bloomington High last week 161-2. This is not their first major win. The last four games, they beat their opponent by at least 70 points. Unfortunately for Bloomington, they lost their game before Arroyo by more than 90 points. The match-up didn't look too promising from the beginning.

Anderson's suspension is a bit controversial. The coach of Bloomington told the San Bernardino Sun that he feels that Arroyo's girls needs to learn to play the game 'the right way', whereas parents of Arroyo Valley High feel that the other team needs to "Get better." and not "...talk down the next team".

In regards to their huge win, Anderson said to the Sun that, "I didn't play any starters in the second half. I didn't expect them to be that bad. I'm not trying to embarrass anybody."

During Anderson's suspension, we'll see if the Arroyo Valley High team will continue to win by such a high score. 

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