Your High-Five Could Help Save Tom Brady’s Face


He may have a lot of things working for him in his life, but the New England Patriots’ hunky quarterback Tom Brady ain’t getting any joy at all on two fronts; one is the NFL playoffs and the other is getting some high-fives from his teammates.

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Anyway, no need to flog a dead horse here, the high-five issue has already been discussed a number of times before. It’s time to find a solution to this sad little problem, and some creative minds have already started lobbying for it. A Public Service Announcement (PSA) has been made that appeals to its viewers to give Tom a high-five he so craves.

The poor guy needs them the most at this time, so please watch the video posted above. And when you see him next, approach him, open up your palm and then make contact with his, as hard as you can.

As the video says, ‘You can be an angel to a helpless quarterback.’

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