Holly Holm Gives Some Hard-Hitting Advice To Girls Being Bullied

New UFC Champ Holly Holm learned valuable lessons from her parents about how to deal with bullies that she now has shared with us all.

Before Nov. 14, you may not have heard much about Holly Holm but now she's a household name as the female UFC fighter who KO'd the renowned, previously undefeated Ronda Rousey.

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Since her big win over Rousey, Holm has gotten a lot of new publicity and in a recent HuffPost Live interview, she used some airtime to deliver an inspiring message to girls who are bullied for not fitting the stereotypical standards of beauty and femininity.

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"Be confident in who you are because there's only one of you and you can't trade yourself in for anything," Holm said her parents taught her. "It's just you. No matter what other things are outside of you, you're in control of your own happiness."

Holm acknowledged that you may not be able to stop bullies from doing hurtful things, but "They're the ones that have to deal with what they did and they're the ones that have to think about that at night when they get home. Whether you react to it or not is up to you," she said.

She has received praises from the media and UFC fans for her good sportsmanship and humility, in comparison to Rousey who is known for being unapologetically arrogant.

The advice Holm offered resonates with just about everybody who has experienced being teased or bullied but it’s especially powerful for young female athletes trying to thrive in a male-dominated avenue.

Women’s sports are put on a back-burner and largely ignored by the media, receiving only 4% of all sports coverage, Mic reports.

Women who aspire to pursue a career in sports are up against a lot of scrutiny and have to go the extra mile to prove themselves on a journey to success. Holm’s words give hope to those who may get discouraged along the way.

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Checkout a clip from Holm's HuffPost Live interview below:

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