How Did This Teen Accidentally Complete An Entire Marathon?

A Pennsylvania teen accidentally went from running a half-marathon to completing a full 26.2 miles in impeccable timing.

Evan Megoulas, a teen from Pennsylvania, accidentally completed the 26.2 mile Philadelphia Marathon last weekend because he got lost.

Evan Megoulas Philadelphia Marathon

Megoulas is a cross country runner for his high school team and he intended to run the 13.1 half-marathon in Philadelphia over the weekend, but when he missed a turn along his route he just kept on going.

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His family had been waiting for him at the finish line for the half-marathon and they became worried when he didn’t show up. They reached out to the police officers on-site and reported him missing.

Once the officers started searching, they found him on part of the trail for the full marathon and followed him on their bikes as he ran to finish out the race.

He completed the entire course in 5 hours, 23 minutes and 11 seconds. The officers who brought him in insisted on taking photos with him once he crossed the finish line. 

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