How Talented Are Sons Of Famous Football Legends?

Is talent really hereditary in football? Ever since Arsenal FC signed David Beckham's firstborn, Brooklyn, to a youth deal, the Internet has developed a new sort of fascination.

Football Legends

The sports-loving contingent of the World Wide Web has suddenly gotten curious about the talent and ability of those aspiring footballers who have famous fathers.

Can Brooklyn bend it like Beckham? Or has his famous surname gotten him in the books of the Gunners? Let's take a long hard look at all such cases:

Enzo Fernandez – Zinedine Zidane's Eldest Son

Football Legends

The world may have taken notice of Zidane's eldest just last month when he made his debut for Real Madrid Castilla, but in fairness, he has been quietly working on his craft for years. At 19, he has physically matured and as shown in the video below does have some silky smooth skills reminiscent of his father.

Enzo, who has taken his mother's last name, probably to repel the extra attention, plays in the central midfield just like his old man. But unlike the France legend, he isn't left-footed. He is probably not going to come anywhere close to the older Zidane's level, but he has been training at Real Madrid for a good 10 years now, meaning that he would at least carve out a decent career for himself in professional football.


Brooklyn Beckham – David Beckham's Eldest

Football Legends

Brooklyn has trained at a few clubs, but due to the rather nomadic end to his father's career, he couldn't settle at one place. This changed last month when Arsenal snapped him up. So far there isn't any actual evidence that can lead the Gunners to believe they've hit the jackpot with him. But a year ago a video was posted online in which he went one-one-one with PSG defender Thiago Silva – widely regarded as the best defender in the world today.

It could be argued that the Brazil international wasn't trying hard, but Brooklyn did skip past him a couple of times and even executed a few clean dribbles. His trickery was more Ronaldinho than Beckham, but he did show something there. He is still only 15 but even that's a bit too old for someone to start playing organized football.


Christian Maldini – Paolo Maldini's Son

Football Legends

The Maldinis have a long, proud history of representing AC Milan. Cesare Maldini captained the Rossoneri before Paolo did the same, but only better. And now their third generation is ready to take the mantle. Christian Maldini made his youth debut for Milan last week and scored inside the first minute. Like his dad, he is a full-back, and judging by his first game, he seems just as talented as him. In most cases of famous fathers people are skeptical for the newer generation to match their forefathers' success, but no one would be surprised if 10 years down the road Christian Maldini is the world's best defender.


Kluivert – Patrick Kluivert's Son

Football Legends

Dutch legend Patrick Kluivert was a great goal scorer but wasn't known as a deadball specialist by any means. His 7-year-old son Shane, though, is developing this very talent. The young lad who plays for Ajax's youth team scored a stunning free kick goal a few weeks ago that gave the goalkeeper no chance at all. It goes without saying his daddy was proud as he shared the little master's brilliance on Instagram.

It's way too early to say if Shane goes on to become as successful as his dad, but Ajax is world-renowned for its youth program. If he sticks around and puts in the hard work, Shane Kluivert could be the next generation's David Beckham.

Kluivert's eldest son Justin is extremely talented too, as evident here.


Rivaldinho – Rivaldo's Son

Football Legends

Brazil legend Rivaldo was famous for his bicycle kicks, which is why it's no surprise that his son Rivaldinho is quite good at this particular skill too. Unfortunately, the 19-year-old's career hasn't taken off like his father's had by his age.


Ianis Hagi – Gheorghe Hagi's Son

Football Legends

Remember Gheorghe Hagi? The Romanian with that powerful left foot? His son Ianis Hagi is currently a youth player at his father's club, and has a fair bit of talent. Just not as much as his father.


Diego Poyet – Gus Poyet's Son

Football Legends

Uruguay great Gus Poyet's 19-year-old son has already started his professional career and is currently learning his trade at Huddersfield on loan from West Ham United. He is a decent talent but so far hasn't given any indication that he has the talent to match his father's.

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