Internet Goes Wild With Lance Stephenson's Memes

May, 22, 2014: Lance Stephenson doesn't just look like comedian Chris Tucker, he can act like him too.

Indiana Pacers shooting guard Lance Stephenson, has become the latest NBA player to become the laughing stock of Twitterverse and the internet.

The 23-year-old was arguably the best player in Game 2 of the Pacers’ 87-83 home defeat to the Miami Heat on Tuesday, but that's not why his name has been making the rounds on the internet for. Here’s what happened:  in the third quarter of the game, he flopped while defending LeBron James and was quite rightly so called for a foul. In his attempt to con the referee, which was hilarious on its own,  what he did next was even more hilarious.  Reacting to the ref's call, Lance acted by lying motionless on the court for several seconds as if Bron's bump had put him to sleep.

The little act didn't go unnoticed as after the game internet sprung into action and made Stephenson the target of their mischievous creativity. The best of what they made is here:

The Undertaker getting back to winning ways against Lance, who is pinned down under the WWE legend


Lance enjoying a nice daytime nap on his new race car bed


Lance got bored listening to Donald Sterling's yapping and took a nap on the billionaire's couch.


Get Life Alert before it's too late.


Look what Neil Armstrong found on the Moon when he went up there for the first time.


With soft carpets like these, who needs a couch to nap on?


Lance and Aaron Craft having a Ross-and-Joey moment, and they are not ashamed at all.

Those wanting to see the actual flop/nap episode, there you go:


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