Race Car Driver Walks Away Unscathed From Scary 200 MPH Crash

It takes being a special kind of luck to live through an accident this horrible and not have a scratch on your body.

Helio Castroneves survives spectacular crash

Race car driver Helio Castroneves is one lucky fella.

During an Indy 500 practice session on Wednesday, he was driving at 200 mph when he lost control of his car. The high-speed vehicle first hit the wall before the impact propelled it into the air. It did a reverse backflip in mid-air before coming down.

The footage of the incident would have anyone expecting the worst for Castroneves, but he surprisingly came away unscathed. Fortunately for him, the car landed on its wheels and not upside down, which is why he survived the accident.

Castroneves even came out of his car by himself and walked away without any assistance. After a precautionary check-up at Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s infield medical center, he was released.

Over the years, similar accidents cost several drivers their lives. At the very least, they've suffered heavy injuries, which is why this close shave is surprising.

The 40-year-old Castroneves recently forged a reputation for being a bit reckless. He was penalized for breaking a rule about avoidable contact at last weekend's race. Perhaps it's time for him to be a bit more careful on the track.

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