Korean Golfer Proves Sportsmanship In Golf Still Exist

James Hahn's decision to impose a penalty on himself cost him a place in the final round at The Masters.

james hahn

Golf is one sport where sportsmanship, etiquettes and respect still means something. Exemplify that at the ongoing Masters was South Korean golfer James Hahn who called a one-stroke penalty on himself after his ball moved slightly at address. No one but Hahn knew of it, but he still imposed a penalty on himself.

As fate would have it, the 33-year-old went on to miss the cut by just one stroke. Had he stayed silent and went on with the play earlier, he would've qualified to play for the weekend's final round too. But Hahn's honesty means he went home early from his first ever Masters Tournament. He doesn't regret it though.

His gesture didn't go unnoticed as folks on Twitter poured in with respect:

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