Fake Wrestler Ignores Script, Throws Real Punches At Opponent

Maybe no one told her it was professional wrestling and not UFC.

At no point in a pro wrestling fight is the wellbeing of a wrestler is in threat from his opponent. Wrestlers in WWE and TNA may pick up serious injuries, but because of accidents or other mishaps, not the fake beat downs they get .

However, this changed in a recent fight between Japanese wrestlers Yoshiko and Act Yasukawa at World Wonder Ring Stardom's main event. The two wrestlers started out with the usual make-believe slaps and blows before Yoshiko (at 3:15 in the video below) went berserk on poor Yasukawa.

She threw punches, only this time there was some real power behind them. Even the hair-pulling was real. The red marks on Yoshiko's knuckles after the first skirmish told the entire story. What's shocking is that even after realizing that the fight got too real for pro wrestling, the referee allowed them to square up one more time.

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This time too, Yoshiko pummeled Yasukawa for real, and literally sat on her before the ref stopped the madness. With blood pouring down her face, Yasukawa rolled out of the ring so medical staff could tend to her injuries, of which there were plenty. According to Complex, Yasukawa suffered a broken orbital bone, broken nose and concussion.  

As for Yoshiko, it's unclear what led to her outburst and what repercussions she will face for the assault. Unconfirmed rumors suggest she either didn't want to lose the fight – as per the script – or was just jealous of Yasukawa's fame.  

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