Watch Muay Thai Fighter Knock His Opponent Out With Insane Spinning Elbow

Have you ever seen a spinning elbow executed more perfectly than this?

Muay Thai

Combative sports in the western world have become a lot safer, thanks to the ever-increasing layer of rules and safety precautions, but fighting disciplines over in the Far East are still pretty insane.

Take this fight video for an example. In the clip below, a Jordanian fighter named Omar Z Tobasi can be seen slugging it out with an unknown local in Phuket, Thailand.


It was a close affair for the most part until Tobasi executes an insane spinning elbow and catches his opponent flush on the face. And he did it right after the ref had separated the two and restarted the bout, meaning that his opponent wasn't expecting it at all.

The ferocity of the blow coupled with the shock factor sent the poor guy crashing to the canvas like they do in cartoons. He had absolutely no idea what hit him. We can only hope that he is safe.

Of course, this crazy little incident would've completely escaped our attention if it wasn't for Jay-Z's presence in the crowd. Hova was so impressed with what he saw that he took a picture with Tobasi after the fight and shared it on his Instagram.

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