Jeremy Hill Learns A Lesson: Don't Jump Into The "Dawg Pound"!

The rabid fans of the Dawg Pound were NOT going to embrace this touchdown celebration.

LOL! Here's what happens when you try and celebrate a touchdown...with fans from the OTHER team! This NFL player was super excited but his post-touchdown celebration was DENIED. 

Bengals running back Jeremy Hill scored a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and tried to leap into a group of Cleveland fans. 

They gave him the push-back! The group of fans he leapt into is known as "The Dawg Pound". That the name of the bleacher section behind the east end zone in FirstEnergy Stadium. The Dawg Pound is known for its very passionate fan base.

But Jeremy doesn't need to dwell on the denial - the Bengals spanked the Browns, shutting them out 30 - 0. 


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