J.J. Watt Gets Schooled By Adorable Kids Over His 'Nae Nae' Dance

He was hoping to teach the kids something useful. Instead, he got schooled himself.

As good as J.J. Watt is at football, his celebratory dance leaves a lot to be desired.

The Houston Texans defensive end is arguably the most likable chap in all of the NFL, but his trademark Nae Nae dance is not well-liked at all.

In fact, watching the 6'5, 289-pounder shaking it is one of the worst things you'll see on the gridiron, including Vincent Wilfork's gut. So, the kids at the Houston Texans YMCA camp took it upon themselves to teach Watt how it's done the right way.

Now Watt went in thinking that his post-TD maneuver would impress the children, but little did he know he was in for some dance lessons.

The kids surrounding him superbly demonstrated the Whip and Nae Nae and also showed the NFLer the "hoo" he didn't even know existed.

Of course, the good guy he is, Watt enjoyed the whole bit and was wonderful with the kids, proving again why he should be the face of the NFL for years to come.

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