Joe Montana Shuts Up Heisman Winners With His Super Bowl Rings In New AT&T Ad

Nothing beats four Super Bowl rings. Not even Heisman trophies!

Joe Montana

Heisman trophies are valuable but not as valuable as Super Bowl rings. If you don't think so, allow Joe Montana to convince you.

In a new AT&T commercial, the legendary QB is seen with Bo Jackson, Doug Flutie and Herschel Walker, all three of whom brag about the Heisman Trophy they got during their illustrious college football careers.

They then turn their attention to Montana to probably mock him for one piece of silverware that's missing from his collection. But Joe Cool shut the trio up with one single move. He flaunts his four Super Bowl rings and nobody can utter a single word.

Yep, College Football is good but the NFL is NFL.

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