7 Reasons Why This NBA Player Is Basketball’s Funniest Guy

July 22, 2014: Move on Dwight Howard, the NBA now has a better comedian than you.

Dwight Howard has been by far the funniest player on all NBA rosters ever since he entered the league in 2004, but the Houston Rockets center now has some serious competition from a newcomer. Meet Joel Embiid.

With his imitations of Shaq and Charles Barkley, and pranks on his teammates, Howard had been the undisputed funnyman of the NBA. However, his status as the game's best big man as well his brilliant comedic sense is on the line, thanks to Philadelphia 76ers rookie, Joel Embiid.

If you're not an NBA freak you might not even have heard of Embiid. This 20-year-old was the third overall pick by the 76ers in the 2014 NBA Draft earlier this month. He is unlikely to feature this year or maybe even this season due to an ill-timed broken foot that he suffered prior to the draft.

With his rookie season all set to be a disappointment, he shouldn't even be in the news. But his self-deprecating sense of humor is so awesome that he is making fans left and right on Twitter.

Here are five reasons that make us say that Joel Embiid is on the road to becoming one of the most well-liked players the game of basketball has ever seen.


Hitting On Kim Kardashian

Embiid has only just entered the celebrity circle. If he goes out in public he will get noticed, but only because of his 7-foot height, not because people know him that well. However, even being an entry level star didn't stop him from hitting on Kim Kardashian – one of the most desirable ladies in the world. FYI, sliding into DMs is a Twitter term that serves as an invitation for flirtation.

He followed it up with this one:


His Twitter Campaign to Bring LeBron James to Philly

LeBron James is the greatest basketball player on the planet, and Philadelphia 76ers is an ailing franchise that won a grand total of 19 games last season. But check out the confidence of our man who still felt it right to invite the King to come and join him in Philly.


Live-Tweeting His Own Foot Surgery

If a top NBA prospect breaks his foot weeks before the draft and has the chance of being picked No. 1 overall taken away from him, he has to be bummed big time. Not our man Joel though. He live-tweeted his own surgery likes this:


Or His Reaction to Being Drafted

No matter how late a player gets picked in the NBA draft, the occasion is a happy and memorable one for him. It's why people were confused when Embiid's response to him getting picked by Philly drew a blank, sad face from him. It was actually a tape delay that prevented the TV audience from seeing his actual response. He later took to Twitter to clear it all up with a series of Tweet that showed how he really felt.


His Suggestion to Schoolboy Q About Making a Song On Him


Embiid's Grand Plans for 76ers


He Knows What He Wants And He Isn't Shy To Ask For Advice About It

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