The Biggest Football Player Ever Is Only A Teen In High School

Watch out NFL. This kid is nothing like anything you've ever seen.

Everyone knows that football is a big man sport in which bulk is the prerequisite for playing. The bigger you are, the greater are the chances of your success.

So you'd would think that the biggest football players of all would exist in the NFL because it's the topmost professional football league and is home to gargantuan athletes. But you will be surprised to know that the biggest football player of all-time is only a high school teenager.

Meet John Krahn, who stands 7-feet tall, weighs 440 pounds and goes to Martin Luther King in Riverside, California. That's the kind of size that no NFL player has ever seen or heard of, let alone faced.

But this is exactly the Herculean task that Krahn's high school opponents have to deal with on a daily basis. The result is pretty much what you expect.

Krahn's highlights show him bulldozing through the developing bodies of his rivals at will, showing no mercy. It is what you call a bloodbath.

While Krahn's game is still raw, a couple of years of learning could give him the tactical know how required to play at a higher level. If he can do that and shed some of his extra weight to increase mobility, we could have one hell of a nose tackle in a few years' time.

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