Young Hockey Fan Goes Wild Over Gift From Player

Jordin Tootoo is going through a rough patch, but his generosity is clearly intact.

Hockey player Jordin Tootoo refused to let his professional slump keep him from making a boy's day -- and he did it in the simplest, most adorable way ever. 

The young boy exuberantly called out Tootoo's name as he left the ice for the Grand Rapids Griffins, the Detroit Red Wings' American Hockey League affiliate. 

But instead of a fist bump or autograph, Tootoo handed over something much more valuable. The pure joy on the boy's face is amazing to watch.

Tootoo is playing for the Griffins after failing to make the Red Wings' postseason squad. While his old teammates are playing for the Stanley Cup, Tootoo is clearly keeping his eyes on the prize, too: making sure his fans are happy. 



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