MMA Fighter Attempts Front Flip Ring Entrance, Fails Horribly

Showmanship while entering the ring is not always the best idea.

Front flip maneuvers to enter the ring always look cool and can sometimes woo a neutral crowd to your side. But it should only be used when you’ve completely mastered the move or else you risk the fate of Jose “El Matador” Palacios at Glory on Saturday.

The Nicaragua-born American recently turned to MMA following a modestly successful career as a Muay Thai fighter. To woo the crowd on his debut, he decided to perform the acrobatic entrance, which is quite common in kickboxing bouts.

However, he made a complete fool of himself when his legs got tangled in the ropes and he hit the canvas before the fight even began.

Fortunately, the incident didn't trip up confidence as he earned a split decision win over his rival TJ Arcengal.

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