Kansas City Royals Were So Bad In Game 1 Of World Series, Their Fans Went To Sleep

KC fans waited 29 years and spent $800 on tickets to nap during World Series Game 1.

It was Kansas City Royals' first World Series appearance after nearly three decades. So, one naturally expected their fans to be pumped up and excited for the entirety of the game, no matter what's happening on the field.

Before the game, they were a happy bunch too, but it all went downhill as soon as the first pitch.

The Royals were so thoroughly beaten by the San Francisco Giants that several of their fans lost interest midway through the game and decided to take a nap.

Check these:

KC fans sleeping during their team's historic playoff run is nothing new. Who doesn't remember the guy in the front row who napped through his team's extraordinary comeback against the Oakland Athletics earlier this month?

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