Kentucky Fans Run Riot After Wildcats Go Out In Stunning Loss

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Kentucky fans finding it hard to fathom what happened last night.

The Latest Kentucky Riot

The year's biggest upset finally took place on Saturday as hot favorites and previously undefeated Kentucky Wildcats were knocked out of the NCAA tournament by the Wisconsin Badgers.

The Wildcats' pursuit of a 40-0 perfect season ended in heartbreaking fashion as coach John Calipari's men succumbed 71-64 to the Wildcats who will not face Duke in the championship decider.

Kentucky fans, who had grown accustomed to their team annihilating their opponents, were shocked and even infuriated. Their unhappiness also stemmed from the fact that officials allowed a Wisconsin basket to stand in the final few minutes of the game, even though shot clock had clearly expired by the time the shot was taken.


As expected, scores of UK fans gathered on State Street in Lexington to demonstrate their disappointment, and it nearly took the form of rioting. They set fires, fought each other and chanted anti-Wisconsin slogans. Fortunately, the police was at hand and stopped the situation from escalating any further. All in all, 17 arrests were made to control the angry mob.

Kentucky riot photos

Kentucky Fans Light Fires in the Street After Final Four Loss to WisconsinKentucky erupts in rioting after NCAA loss

Meanwhile, there were scenes of jubilation in Madison where Wisconsin fans congregated to celebrate their team's big win. They had every reason to be happy, after all theirs is the only team this season to defeat the Wildcats. 

Riots, Looting & Fires Break Out in Kentucky.

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