Kenyan Marathoner Crawls To The Finish Line [VIDEO]

Kenyan Marathoner Hyvon Ngetich collapsed while running the Austin Marathon but continued by crawling to the finish line.

Kenyan Runner Crawls To Austin Marathon Finish Line

Hyvon Ngetich is one fierce lady. While running the Austin marathon, this Kenyan runner was on her way to placing first in the race when she collapsed and her body broke down.

But that didn't stop her for going. Even if her legs weren't working, she was going to crawl her way to the finish. 

Medical personnel even offered her a wheelchair, but when you're so close to the end, you have to finish on your own. 

Afterwards, they discovered that her blood sugar levels were dangerously low. She said she blanked out and didn't even remember crawling to the finish line.

"I can't remember what happened, and I didn't see the finish line. I don't remember all that crawling or whatever, even the collapsing I don't remember."  

Watch the footage of her amazing persistence. 

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