Kevin Durant Speech Will Have You Crying In No Time

May, 8, 2014: Kevin Durant turns his MVP speech into one big emotional tearjerker.

It's no secret that NBA players lover their mommies very much. Every year we see multiple stories of basketball players showing love for the women that have raised them to be the men they were.

Moms  of these grownup giants cheering them on court and later receiving the same love back from their sons is a frequent sight in the family-oriented league. This is exactly why no one was surprised when Kevin Durant gave a heartwarming tribute to his mom Wanda Pratt during his MVP acceptance speech on Tuesday.

Considering KD's perennial status as the game's nicest guy, it was practically given that he'd mention his mother and their struggles growing up, but no one had the slightest idea that it would turn into a sob fest this big.

KD took it to the next level when he mentioned each and every one of his teammates in his monologue, practically urging them to cry their eyes out with him.

He saved the biggest tribute of them all for the end, and of course it was mommy Durant's time to get the love.

Check it all out in the video above, but be warned, Durant's MVP speech could make you emotional about your mommy the same way when Pac dropped Dear Mama back in 95.

Once you're done checking Durant's speech, check out Rose's too to compare whose was better.

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