This Kung Fu Kick Has To Be The Worst Football Foul In 2015

A brutal, painful kick straight out of Shaolin soccer.

kung fu kick

Eric Cantona taught it, Nigel de Jong perfected it and a left-back from Germany has now replicated it.

In the video below, two German lower league clubs – Kickers Offenbach and Viktoria Berlin – can be seen in action in a friendly game.

Everything is hunky dory until Offenbach’s Robin Scheu launched a (literally) gut wrenching kung fu kick on Berlin's Stephan Brehmer.

With the ball in the air, Scheu went in flying and planted a left kick straight into Brehmer's stomach. The foul's ridiculousness is reflected in the commentators' tempo, which goes from 0-100 as soon as Scheu connects. You wouldn't get a word of what they're saying, but it's clear how mad they are at the incident.

The kick was so bad it warranted an all-out brawl, and folks actually did start on the touchlines, but credit to them, they didn't let it escalate any further.

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