Kobe Goes Into Beast Mode Against Hapless Fans

When on basketball court, Kobe Bryant either goes hard or....nah, he always goes hard.

The game of basketball has always had more than its share of supremely gifted players, but not everyone goes on to become a Michael Jordan or a Kobe Bryant. Why?

A popular belief is that these champions' insatiable desire to be better than their opponents at all times is what makes them stand out from the rest.

Take a look at Kobe for example. The man is in China these days for his Nike RISE Campaign, where he took on some fans in friendly one-on-one games. Now, the good-hearted Tracy McGradys and Vince Carters of our world would have taken it easy – probably to make some new friends and appease the marketing people. Not our man Kobe though.

The Black Mamba has a simple philosophy. When on court and with a basketball in hand, he plays hard. Winning is not an option for his opponents. So, he went in hard as usual, put his entire repertoire of moves on display and didn't allow his star-struck rivals a moment's joy.

It was cruel.

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