LeBron James Responds To Taunting Fan With Insane Shooting Streak (Video)

LeBron James wasn't his usual, dominant self in the first half of a marquee match-up against the Oklahoma City Thunder...until an Oklahoma fan started taunting him (video).

LeBron James was having a relatively bad shooting game in a battle of the East and West's best teams: James' Miami Heat vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder. And a Thunder fan was letting him know it. According to James (via ESPN):

"He said, 'Shoot it. You can't shoot.' So, I said, 'OK,' and I shot it. I made it, and then I made another one, and then I made another one, and then I made another one, and he stopped talking to me."

From the video, it's clear that James is intent on showing off his jumpshot. With each play, it's clear that he intends to shoot, and not much could dissuade him. LeBron hits two threes, but the shot where his intentions are most clear is the second one, a fading jumper just inside the three point line after backing off Oklahoma star Kevin Durant.

The fan who inspired that spurt of greatness from LeBron James turned out to be Oklahoma U's center (in football) Gabe Ikard:

Ikard promised to refine his LeBron taunting skills to be ready for a Finals match between the Heat and Thunder:

One more thing: LeBron's Heat one the game by ten points. LeBron's four shot spree netted...ten points. You can't quite say that Ikard's taunts won the Heat the game, but if he plans on returning for the finals, he had better come up with some better taunts.

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