Lionel Messi Accidentally Photobombs Cristiano Ronaldo

The moment capped a miserable night for CR7, who had to clap and watch as his archrival snatched away his Best Player in Europe title.

It was Lionel Messi's night at UEFA's Champions League Draw in Monaco as he not only claimed the Best Player in Europe accolade, he somehow managed to photobomb his greatest adversary, Cristiano Ronaldo

As if officially dethroning Ronaldo from the top spot in Europe wasn't enough, the Argentine ruined his rival's photograph too by making a goofy face right behind him.


While it may seem that Messi did this on purpose, the truth is that the two superstars were probably unaware when a photog suddenly approached and clicked his camera.

Though the captured moment looks like a classic photobomb and the soccer pair aren't the enemies their fans seem to suggest on social media, Messi and Ronaldo's relationship isn't exactly at a point where the two can joke with each other.

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