Liverpool Fan Delighted To Photograph Injured Villa Player - VIDEO


What do you when a rival team’s player comes flying off the pitch and lands at your feet? Take a picture and upload it as soon as possible of course.

This Liverpool fan had no sympathy for Aston Villa’s Gabby Agbonlahor, who fell over the advertising hoardings at Anfield. He could have been injured; but who cares, as long as one gets a great picture of the incident to share on social media.  

Yes, he was in a wheelchair and couldn’t have helped, but there was no sign of concern for the footballer. The spectator’s gleeful expression gives away the fact that he relished the opportunity to take the photo.

Agbonlahor suffered a minor injury, but luckily has 11 days before derby rivals West Bromwich Albion visit Villa Park so there’s hope he’ll recover in time.

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