Uruguay Player Bites Opponent At World Cup -- Again

What in the world is wrong with Luis Suarez and his habit of biting opponents?

What's crazier -- a soccer player biting his opponent during a World Cup match, or it being the third time this guy has chomped down on a player? 

Luis Suarez, a forward for Uruguay, has some moxie, we'll give him that. Not only did he appear to clench down on Italian Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder, Suarez then faked an injury when Chiellini reacted by throwing his arm up.

Suarez's astonishing bite is overshadowing Uruguay's 1-0 win over Italy, which allowed the team to advanced to the Round of 16 at the World Cup. Now the question is how, or even if, FIFA will punish this repeat offender.

Incredibly, this is the third time Suarez was caught biting an opponent.

Apparently no one ever taught this guy to keep his hands, and teeth, to himself. Check out his top 5 most outrageous moments.

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