Dumb Footballers Get Humiliated For Prolonged Goal Celebration

They paid the price for celebrating a bit too early and a bit too much.

What good is a celebration that turns a victory into a defeat? That's a question for the Macedonia U-16 football team.

Playing against Gibraltar in the final of a UEFA development tournament, the young Macedonians scored a late goal, which they thought would win them the championship. Naturally, wild celebrations ensued. So wild and prolonged their celebrations were that it allowed their opponents the time to regroup and score the equalizer.

The goal was allowed to stand because as per UEFA rules, if all players of a team are in their own half during a break, the opposition is free to restart the play.

Adding insult to injury, even though the game was still tied one goal apiece, Gibraltarians were declared the winners on the away goal rule.

Seeing Macedonia's joy turn to shock within moments of scoring a goal is actually quite funny. It serves them right. The moral of the story is you've got to stay humble and focused at all times. 

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