Man Wearing No. 75 Patriots Jersey Fails To Recognize No. 75 Patriots Player

A man wearing Vince Wilfork's jersey of the New England Patriots doesn't even recognize the man who wears the jersey professionally. FAIL.

Vince Wilfork Patriots Jersey

If you're wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt, then you'd probably recognize Justin Bieber if he were right next to you, right? 

Not for this guy. 

This man is wearing a no. 75 Patriots jersey and he is literally standing next to the no. 75 Patriots player, Vince Wilfork. The fan has to be told by Wilfork's wife who Vince is before he even recognizes him. FAAAIL.

Luckily for the fan, the moment ends well and they share a handshake. 


Spotted a person in bahamas with a 75 jersey on in the bahamas had to walk up on them 🙈😂

A video posted by Bianca Wilfork (@mrs75) on

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