What's With The Growing Hostility In Sports For Media?

Why has it become cool for sports stars to insult journalists doing their job?

Sports star mistreating – and even insulting – journalists has become a common theme in the past few months. For some reason, it is now the coolest fad among athletes to misbehave with the assorted group of media officials when facing the camera.

Having seen NFL star Marshawn Lynch blatantly refuse to answer questions in press conferences this entire winter, soccer superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic recently made the news by making a journalist sweat.

Following Paris Saint-Germain's 1-0 win over Rennes, a poor journo – who was apparently holding both the microphone as well as the camera – approached the big Swede with a question regarding some rumored friction between him and teammate Edinson Cavani.

Considering Ibra's history of troubled relationships with club officials/former teammates and his general penchant for undermining others' authority, it was a valid query. It apparently hit a raw nerve with the 6'5" footballer, who spent the remainder of the minute-long interview mercilessly intimidating him.

These are of course just two in a long line of sports prima donnas who think their talents on the field of play gives them right to mistreat media personnel. Granted that in this business, it's the reporters who come off looking needy, but in reality, it's the other way around.

Without media's spotlight and attention, these sports stars would be unknown entities and nowhere near as rich as they are now. It's actually a fallacy that talent alone is enough for someone to be successful. Nope, the way things go in this digital age, fame plays an even bigger part. Disagree? Then justify how Tim Tebow was so famous despite not being half as talented. Hint: It's all because of media's blessing.

And why is it that underdeveloped regions – let's say Africa or South America – where media coverage isn't that comprehensive, harbors undoubted talent that regularly goes to waste?

They may not like to admit it, but superstars like Ibrahimovic and Lynch are where they are because media played its part by shedding some light on them. And for them to insult the force that propelled their careers and refined their image is just ungrateful behavior.

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