Watch MMA Fighter Knock His Opponent With Rare Superman Punch

This knockout is definitely one for the highlight reel.

matt dwyer

It's not very often that we get to see superman punches executed right and with devastating effects. Highlight reels on YouTube do have some, but not many since it's quite difficult to throw a punch off one leg while in midair.

Flashy fighters who've been in the game for a while do sometimes pull off this superman punch (also known as cobra punch), but you don't expect it from a newbie like Matt Dwyer.

In his UFC debut last October, Dwyer was brutally knocked out, but instead of keeping it simple in his second outing, he opted for the fancy finish at UFC Fight Night in Brazil on Sunday. His opponent this time was local favorite William Macario, who came in as the favorite to win.

Dwyer had other plans though.

After feeling out Macario for the opening few minutes of the first round, Dwyer launched a superman punch so vicious it literally blanked out his man.

Macario's body remained partially in control of the situation as he tried to walk off the blow's impact and flailed his arms a bit, but his mind was gone. He finally hit the mat face-first before Dwyer landed a few more blows to confirm his win, which is absurd because the way he went down, it didn't need any confirmation.

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