Meet Takanoyama: The Man Who Made a Career Out Of Beating Men Twice His Size

July 25, 2014: What Takanoyama Shuntaro lacked his size, he made up in heart. Respect.

"A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength — but by the strength of his heart!" said Zeus, Hercules' father.

And that cheesy opening would help us shed light on the career of Takanoyama Shuntaro, a sumo wrestler who made a career out of beating guys twice his size in the ring.

Shuntaro is actually from Czech Republic and used to be a judo fighter before falling in love with the Japanese version of wrestling, sumo. He crossed over into this full-contact sport but struggled earlier on due to his inability to gain weight – something the traditional Japanese wrestlers had no trouble in doing.

As a result, he was the smaller guy in most of his career fights and had to tweak his strategy to handle his far bigger opponents.

After an almost decade long battle, he did finally manage to break into the top makuuchi division of sumo where he became a crowd favorite because of his ability to come out on top despite being the underdog.

Check out the career highlight video of this lionhearted wrestler who recently retired from the game.

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