Michael Jordan Calls Obama A Hack, Obama Responds

Michael Jordan challenges Obama to a game of golf, but is absolutely confident that he'd crush the President.

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President Obama faces critique once again, but for once it’s not because of his politics.

According to Michael Jordan, Obama is a HACK. That’s right, the legendary basketball player doesn’t think the President has it all together. But it turns out Jordan is just referencing the President’s golf skills.

Golf Ball

“I never said he wasn’t a great politician, I’m just saying he’s a shitty golfer,” Jordan teased during an interview with Ahmad Rashad.

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Jordan did confess he’d like to play a round of golf with Obama, but said without hesitation that he’d beat him.  

To add fuel to the fire, Jordan gave Obama a signed poster, but spelled the President's name wrong. I mean, it’s the President! You’d at least think he’d be freaking out over it, but apparently all he said was “Pfffft, fuck it.” I think only one person could get away with that, and that person is Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan

In an interview with David Glenn on Monday, February 9th, Obama said no harm done.

“We’ve had a chance to get to know each other. He’s been a supporter. He talks trash on the golf course I understand, even though he’s never played with me. He’s a pretty hyper competitive guy. And obviously somebody hadn’t given him the proper spelling of my name. But I’m gonna forgive him for that because I’ve got six championship memories that will never go away.”

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I, for one, would actually like to see this golf game happen. 

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