You Don't Have To Understand Curling To Admire This Incredible Shot

The funny looking sport with kettles and brooms just produced a magical moment.

There is no guilt in admitting that curling, a sport infamous for its lack of athleticism, has caught your eye now. You don’t need to be a fan or even understand the sport to admire the sheer beauty of the play that has the entire sporting fraternity rubbing their eyes in disbelief.

In a nutshell, a curling team's target is to slide as many of their eight rocks (stones) inside the concentric circle located at the far end of the rink. To achieve that, he has to fight defensive obstructions set up by the opposing team, while two sweepers with brooms try to control the direction of the stone by brushing the path ahead.

Now, sending two stones in a single try inside the concentric-circled target is generally considered a good effort. But at the 2014 Masters Grand Slam, Canadian curler Mike McEwen managed to score a rare four-pointer off a magical Hammer shot that eliminated their 6-2 deficit against Brad Gushue’s team.

It's unreal how he bumped his opponent's center line guard and used it to clear all of their stones. The wild celebrations that ensued after the play shows how rare and difficult it is to successfully pull off something like this – even in a sport called curling.

Some experts of the game have since claimed that it was the best shot they have ever seen, and one look at the video above should make you agree. 

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