ESPN Camera Captures Its Own Demise From A Smashing Foul

Baseball is not a safe sport after all, as ESPN learned after an Adam Jones foul.

The Major League Baseball is getting more dangerous by the day.

Just a few days after two of its hitters copped vicious fastballs to face, more on-field violence ensued in what was previously perceived as quite a peaceful league. This time, the casualty was a "Mid-home Robo Cam," whose lens got smashed to pieces after Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles fouled a pitch off it.

The incident happened in the Orioles' Sunday night clash with the New York Yankees. Hiroki Kuroda pitched, Jones took a swing but couldn't connect properly. The ball deflected off his bat and hit the camera installed behind home plate with pinpoint accuracy. Shards of glass fell down, as the crowd murmured and looked in horror at what had happened in front of their eyes.

Fortunately, even though the incident rendered the camera useless, it still had everything recorded up to that point, including the awesome hit itself.

Check it out in the video above.

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