MMA Fighter Saves Opponent's Life After Almost Killing Him

After nearly choking Sebastian Emini to death, Dusan Dzakic led the efforts to save his opponent's life.

Their day job may be to beat opponents to a pulp, but Mixed Martial Arts fighters aren't necessarily bad human beings. A Serbian MMA practitioner just proved that.

In a Serbian Battle Championship 4 fight between Dusan Dzakic and Sebastian Emini, the former put the latter into a guillotine choke after less than a minute of battle.

Dzakic's chokehold was so tight, it not only drew an immediate submission out of Emini, but also made him lose consciousness.

Having noticed that Emini's body isn't moving, Dzakic put him on his back and tried reviving him while the referee frantically waved toward the medical staff.

As per, Emini could've died had Dzakic not cleared his airways by pulling his opponent's tongue out of his mouth. The paramedics soon joined them and revived the unconscious fighter, but Dzakic is definitely the reason why the man he was beating up a few minutes earlier lived.

MMA fighters and boxers are often branded as savages and beasts, but that reputation may not be entirely deserved. In fact, it's not often that we see negative stories come out of combative sports than we do from ball games like, let's say football, which harbors some of the most despicable human beings on the Earth.

At around the 4:20 mark in the video above, you can see how Dzakic is not only an incredible fighter but also an equally great human being.

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