Watch MMA Fighter KO His Opponent With Incredible Spinning Back Fist

To pack knockout power in a move this difficult is just amazing.

It's weird that 2015 has only just begun and we already have a bunch of sporting feats that will be hard to top in the remainder of the year.

After Jameis Winston committed the stupidest mistake in Rose Bowl history and Jerian Grant threw the sickest dunk ever, it's now UFC's turn to provide a moment that has us searching for superlatives.

At UFC 182, Paul Felder knocked out Danny Castillo with an extremely rare spinning back fist. After Felder dominated the opening round, Castillo attempted to up the tempo in the second, but paid the price of being a bit too anxious. He rushed into his undefeated opponent thinking of attacking him from behind, but Felder was apparently fully aware of his whereabouts.

In a single move, he executed a spinning back fist so powerful that it instantly dropped Castillo to the canvas. The way his limbs stiffened up and toes curled in it was clear that there was no getting up from this. Felder then proceeded to deal a few more totally unnecessary blows, for which he should be reprimanded, but let's take nothing away from his KO.

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The Irishman's performance in an otherwise drab UFC 182 was acknowledged as he was handed a $50,000 bonus. Later, he revealed that his spinning back fist wasn't a fluke and that he practices spinning moves in training all the time.

“That’s stuff we work on, I do a lot of spinning techniques,” the man nicknamed the Irish Dragon said. "We like to spin to win.”

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