Here Is Possibly The Finest Example of Sportsmanship

May, 21, 2014: There is sportsman’s spirit, followed by 100,000 miles of fairplay, and then there is this.

Amateur sports contests don't usually make mainstream news because no one really cares about them, but when they do, it’s always interesting.

Here, an amateur MMA fighter named Mike Pantangco surprised everyone when he deliberately tapped out at a point in the match when he was completely dominating his opponent, Jeremy Rasner. His act made no sense at first because had he not quit, the fighter would have quite easily knocked Rasner out with the next few blows.

Mike Pantangco

Later on, however, when the media asked him to explain his bizarre decision, Pantangco revealed that he was proving to be so strong, he feared that going through with the fight could send the other fighter to the hospital. Since it was an amateur fight with no money or prestige on offer for the winner, Pantangco played the Good Samaritan and tapped out on purpose to save his rival from any long-term damage.

It baffled everyone, including Rasner, who returned Pantangco's kind gesture by refusing to be declared the winner. Instead, he raised Pantangco's hand, asking the crowd for a round of applause for the man who lost the match but won everyone's hearts.

Mike Pantangco

It's heartwarming stories like these which prove that MMA fighters are not cruel, coldhearted souls like some people make them out to be. Yes, the nature of their sport is combative, but it doesn't mean they can't show compassion every once in a while.

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