Watch MMA Fighter's Hadouken Move From Street Fighter

His hadouken may have lacked a fireball, but it still got the job done.


We see all kinds of weird stuff inside the octagon, and it's not surprising really. When you send out two dudes to beat each other to pulp, chances of seeing something unforeseen are high.

And this is exactly what happened in Shane Campbell and Derek Boyle's welterweight fight at WSOF 18: Moraes vs. Hill in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The opening two rounds were uneventful, but in the third, Campbell hurt Boyle with a vicious knee. Instead of following it up with more strikes, Campbell surprised everyone by serving a hadouken.


Yes, you read that right. He bent down on one knee, brought his wrists closer and launched an imaginary fireball at Boyle, just like Ryu and Ken do it in Street Fighter. Perhaps, it was a sign of things to come because he then proceeded to beat the crap out of his opponent.

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Campbell is arguably the best Muay Thai fighter in North America, so he can afford to pull such stunts in a fight. For others, we would suggest sticking to mixed martial arts instead of indulging in street fighting.

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