Daredevil Does Backflips With Monster Truck The Size Of An Elephant

It takes some skills to make a monster truck do this.

Monster Truck,Tom Meents, Tom Meents and Max D land double backflip at Gillette Stadium

Do you know why monster trucks are called monster trucks? That's because they're big and gargantuan like monsters. An average monster truck could easily weigh up to 10,000 lbs., which is almost the size of a full-grown elephant.

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That kind of bulk means you can't ask too much from a monster truck in the maneuvering department. Except that a crazy daredevil thought it would be fun to do a double backflip with it.

That insane fella is Tom Meents, who pulled off the mindboggling feat at Gillette Stadium over the weekend. The 47-year-old nutter needed three attempts to perform this extreme maneuver but once he succeeded, everyone went crazy.

The MC's scream is enough to tell you the whole story.

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