Tough Guy Tries To Bully Trained Muay Thai Fighter, With Horrible Results

It's always a bad idea to get physical with a trained Muay Thai fighter.

Street fights are dangerous even for professional fighters because of the absence of referees, rules and, above all else, morality.

But when an altercation is inevitable, just emulate the dude in the video above. What happens here is that a stocky dude wouldn't let a kid with a backpack walk away with his bike. What he didn't know was that the kid was a trained Muay Thai practitioner and more than capable of defending himself.

The kid tried to stave off the attack, but when the other dude wouldn't stop, he unleashed a vicious head-kick that floored his attacker instantly. While the sight of a bully learning a painful lesson makes the video interesting enough, its actual selling point is the voice-over analysis of Tristar Gym's Firas Zahabi.

Taking the said fight as an example, Zahabi explains how one should defend himself in a street fight. Check it out. One day it might come in handy, especially if you frequent bad neighborhoods.

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